Kid Rock Will Grab Safe Dem Senate Seat

Democrats are in a panic.

Their hopes of gaining seats in the midterms are looking more grim every day.

Kid Rock has announced his intent to run for the U.S. Senate in Michigan, and Democrats are nervously laughing, hoping against hope that it is just a joke or PR stunt.

They took Michigan for granted in the presidential campaign and then out of nowhere came an unfiltered, irreverent, non-politician, TV star billionaire, and they lost.

They presumed they would keep the Senate seat now held by three-term incumbent, well-indoctrinated Debbie Stabenow. She has paid her dues to the sociali … ahem, Democratic Party. Then out of nowhere comes the unfiltered, irreverent, non-politician, rock star millionaire, and panic has found a comfortable home in the party.

Kid Rock doesn’t need money from the establishment or lobbyists, and he connects with Joe Sixpack just like President Trump. Standing next to their perfectly stuffy politician, he will highlight everything the Rust Belt resents about the D.C. elite without even trying.