The Big Secret: Democrats’ Only Hope for a 2018 Comeback

Most of us aren’t surprised when we see Democrats pushing for socialized medicine, wealth redistribution, globalism, exponentially growing government, etc., but we are very surprised when they are honest about it.

I have to applaud NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio. He is embracing what we all know about Democrats and not attempting to hide it at all.

After an NYPD officer was assassinated in New York City, we expected the mayor to say something somewhat respectful of the police and move on. But, we didn’t expect him to skip the NYPD swearing-in ceremony to join the socialists and anarchists at the G20 summit protests!

I am sure he was advised against doing something that appeared so disrespectful of the fallen NYPD officer and to law enforcement in general, but DeBlasio chose to be intellectually honest and embrace his true anti-police beliefs and join in the anarchy in Germany.

Personally, I find it refreshing.