Who Broke The Democrats?

The Democrats are angry. Many are insanely so. They are like the onerous wife who nags and bitches incessantly at her husband and then gets angry when she finally kills him. Her anger has become her countenance. The widowed left is bitter, and she has nowhere to go because she has driven everyone away in her rage.

Kennedy and Camelot were once the face of the Democrat Party. She was “pretty” then – sane, even calming. Later, she went a little nutty with the Carters, but she fell completely off the deep end when the Clinton family became her face. The Democratic Party does not realize it is the very oligarchical elite that it allowed to become its face, and it has destroyed the party from within.

Now no one trusts them – the Kennedy Democrats, or even the nutty Carter Dems who hung with them through the “Misery Index” years. Some have gone on to greener pastures. Some have retreated, realizing anything is better than a crazy party only getting crazier.