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Shoot The Sharks


Terrorists are lurking just off the coast near my home in Southern California.

They are waiting to strike.

It’s just a matter of time.

Americans will be injured or killed by these terrorists.

So, why won’t our government protect us?

More than a dozen great white sharks were spotted near beach-goers and paddle-boarders this week off the Orange County, California, coast near Dana Point.

A woman was injured recently when a shark took part of her leg just a few miles down the coast from this great white sighting. My son has a friend who was attacked by a tiger shark at La Jolla Cove while snorkeling.

Ironically, La Jolla is infamous for the ridiculous fight over “The Children’s Pool,” where children are banned because it has become a seal preserve. Guess who eats the seals? Sharks! Why do we protect the seals from children, but…