Don straitjackets! Trump makes liberals go nuts!

The left is losing its collective mind.

The tin foil industry is the next industry to see a boom thanks to President Trump, as the left brings the tin foil hat back into style.

Leftists are so unable to handle the fact that Donald Trump is president that they will literally believe anything to cope.

Democrats in denial are clinging to the conspiracy theory that President Trump and his campaign were working with Russian intelligence agents to rig the election against Hillary Clinton even though there is zero evidence that it ever occurred.

There is more evidence that Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster exist than for this wild conspiracy theory about Trump and the Russians.

Members of the mainstream media are so afflicted with this anti-Trump madness that they use the most creative wording to write unfounded stories about Trump-Russian election rigging.

The next lamestream media headline could read, “Trump & Bigfoot collude to rig the vote against Hillary.”

Watch out, National Enquirer! The tabloids have a new competitor with the kinds of stories being published by lamestream media rags.