Nordstrom Must Pay

Kings have always set the fashion.

In America, our presidents provide the closest approximation to the royal standard. Their wives have often created a fashion craze without even trying. Consider the Jackie Kennedy simple silver clutch, the Nancy Reagan pill box hat or Barbara Bush pearls. Now consider that the current president has a fashion model wife and a clothing designer daughter. Imagine how fashion will improve during this administration! In the Trumps, not only, do we have a new “royal” family, we have a first family who literally brought their own fashion line.

This makes the dramatic Nordstrom announcement that no one wants Ivanka Trump’s clothing simply laughable.

While reveling at the Trump inauguration, my husband proudly tweeted a picture of his Trump tie after noticing it seemed every man there was also wearing his. What else would you wear to the convention of conservatives?

This may be anecdotal, but this was January, and there were 50,000 people attending balls and hundreds of thousands of women attending the inauguration. My guess is a large percentage of them (10 percent? 50 percent?) were wearing Ivanka’s styles. What designer could possibly have captured more of that market? What market could be bigger?

Maybe it is pure coincidence that after Macy’s dropped the Trump ties, he won the White House and Macy’s is closing more than 100 stores. Doubtful. These corporate decisions seem incredibly tone deaf.

Maybe it is just fear created by the hard left, but something seems awry.