Obama’s Joke Presidency

It’s not just a new year, it’s a new era in the United States. The Trump era is beginning, and it is fun to think about how history will record the end of Obama and the beginning of Trump.

If you ask a leftist academic or a Hollywood liberal, they will tell you the greatest president in history is Barack Obama.

Ask any American who has (or formerly held) a real job, and they will tell you that after eight years of Obama, Jimmy Carter is now only the second worst president in American history.

President Obama set out to fundamentally change America, and he failed.

It is estimated that President-elect Trump will be able to reverse 70 percent of Obama’s “accomplishments” from the past eight years.

Obama’s attack by executive order on American businesses in the name of climate change will be easily rolled back by Trump’s executive pen.

President Obama’s PR war on police caused a dramatic increase in criminals executing police officers, and, unfortunately, those lives cannot be brought back by President Trump, but future lives can be saved as the incoming Trump administration begins to support the police rather than criminals.

Obama’s most dangerous “accomplishment” was…