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Exclusive: Gina Loudon reveals why whole GOP race is in billionaire’s hands

Conservatives watching the GOP presidential race have enjoyed seeing the establishment candidates drop like flies.

Also comforting was observing what seemed like a truce between Donald Trump and [score]Ted Cruz[/score].

Conservatives are used to bloody primaries. Every four years, we watch the conservative candidates fire at each other, and the one left standing is the moderate, squishy, establishment candidate who pundits claim is the only one still uninjured enough to make it across the finish line in the general election.

As the two non-establishment candidates at the top of the polls, Trump and Cruz effectively focused their fire on any establishment candidates nipping at their heels – until now.

For the past few weeks, the media have been trying desperately to find ways that Trump and Cruz have been attacking each other.

First, it was something said by Cruz behind closed doors that the media reported non-stop for days. Then it was Donald Trump bringing up Cruz’s citizenship issues. Then, Cruz called out Trump for his New York values, and Trump fired back at the recent Fox Business GOP presidential debate.

After the debate, there was nonstop coverage of Trump and Cruz talking about New York values. It could be said that both candidates came out on top in that debate in different ways.

Donald Trump had his greatest moment of the campaign when he defended New York and talked about the Sept. 11 aftermath in such an emotional way.

Ted Cruz also described New York values in a way that everyone outside of New York City understood. Iowans knew exactly what he meant. Middle America agrees with Ted Cruz’s description of New York City values, but also respected Donald Trump for defending his hometown. Both came out ahead.

Trump’s biggest weakness is that primary voters don’t completely trust his conservative underpinnings.
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