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Exclusive: Gina Loudon examines America’s burning questions about the Donald~

Most of the media are ignoring the main factor at play in the phenomenon of Trump. No consultant can polish him. No analyst can predict him. Politics alone cannot explain his resonance with voters, or his ridiculously high polling numbers among women, Hispanics, blacks and other nontraditional Republican voters. Still, almost no one seems to want to talk about the psychology of the matter.

The psychological components at play quickly make sense to any casual observer, and may even lend themselves to predictions about this political phenom going forward. I coined the term “policology” as the nexus of psychology and politics, and wrote about it in my first book, “Ladies and Gentlemen: Why the Survival of Our Republic Depends on the Revival of Honor,” co-authored by Dr. Dathan Paterno.

Dr. Drew and I spoke about the Trump phenomenon twice this week, and I am glad that he is on the forefront of asking the questions burning in the American soul right now about Trump.

The psychology breaks down in three ways:

1) What is Trump’s own psychological profile?

2) What has happened/changed in the mind of the American voter that has facilitated the unusual candidacy of Trump?

3) What will happen going forward?

As a wise student knows, you can’t find answers or make predictions until you ask the right questions. The above questions are easily answered when you look at the five questions the American people are asking about Trump.