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Donald Trump Doesn’t Play By Your Rules

Trump can save America by defying the GOP

One thing that Americans love about Donald Trump is that he cares very little about getting along with elite establishment politicians. The consultants and politicos have been running things in D.C. for decades, and his disregard for following their rules is what keeps him in the race for president and secures his place at the top of the polls.

At this time a week ago, the news media joyfully proclaimed “Donald Trump imploding” and “Trump self-destructs,” along with other similar headlines.

When Sen. John McCain called Donald Trump’s supporters “crazies,” Trump responded by going after McCain’s war record.

Immediately, the elite raised their noses into the air feigning offense and demanding that Trump step down.

Many expected a Herman Cain-style bow out of the race, but that’s not Trump’s style.

If The Donald had followed the rules laid out by elite politicians, he would have begged for forgiveness at the feet of John McCain. A groveling apology is disgusting in the eyes of Americans who are looking for a leader to stand up to Mexico, China, Iran and radical Islamists everywhere.