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7 Ways Vaping Saves Lives


Forget Iran having nukes. Forget the daily teen terrorists flashing across the news in the morning. Forget the $18 trillion debt.

America, we have a real problem.

The FDA is “very concerned” about Hookah use and e-cig use among teens. It warns that it can lead to addiction, and use of “more permanent tobacco products.” That all really means there are no substantial health risks to vaping, but there is a risk to the federal government, tobacco monopolies, fat-cat politicians and lobbyists.

Vaping has replaced a large portion of traditional tobacco users. Tobacco use is at a startling new low. Last year alone, tobacco sales decreased by $1 billion. E-cigarette sales doubled. Wells Fargo estimates that tobacco sales will decrease by 68 percent in the next decade. E-cig sales will continue to multiply.

Vaping can be credited with potentially curbing seven major health risks:

1) The obvious, tobacco use;

2) Obesity: Many report vaping as a meal course replacement while trying to lose weight, or just avoid sugars;

3) Drug use, because it acts as a stress reliever and calming agent for those who might otherwise turn to drugs;

4) Heart disease: For those who use vaping in place of overeating, the heart smart advantages are obvious…



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