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The Power of More

by Dr. Gina

Maybe we are all greedy at heart.

I have always been fascinated by the voracious consumption of wealth, the teetering temptation of fame, and the tantalizing persuasion of politics. I have watched and observed similarities and characteristics of those who rise and fall, and I have examined my own life for these patterns.

The Power of More is consuming. It is entrancing. It is deceiving. It is enslaving.

I have written a lot about the lure of politics and those who become entrapped in that world. Blame it on narcissism (and that is a factor), greed, even sociopathy or Dark Tetrad tendencies — all valid. But I realize that there is a Power of More that many of us become trapped within, regardless our humble circumstances or political activism.

But it isn’t always about fortune, or fame, or power…