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3 Steps to Elect a Conservative GOP Presidential Nominee

I am proposing a call to action like I have never done before, and I want to challenge all liberty-loving patriots to take part.

I have put a lot of time into this formula and developed it over almost 20 years of extremely active presidential nomination activism. This is activism is devoted to choosing a presidential nominee who will truly work for the taxpayers and not Wall Street – one who will lead like Reagan, demanding better foreign policy and stimulating the economy. This nominee has the potential to be even better than Reagan at slashing the federal intrusions in our life and reducing the ridiculous size and scope of government. If that sounds good to you, please follow the logic here, share it with your friends and commit to it.

This is a plan to end the stranglehold of the establishment giving us a choice between a big-government Republican and a bigger-government Democrat. Only Reagan has understood this in recent history, and so it is his plan more than mine.

The activist’s plan

Every presidential cycle, disaffected Republicans mull over the crop of candidates and potential candidates. As we bicker over details like whether executive experience is more important than foreign-policy experience, the establishment laughs at us. They picked their guy years ahead of us. They are getting financial commitments and have Karl Rove lined up to serve as master consultant. So while we divide ourselves between perennial candidates like Ron Paul, Rick Santorum or Donald Trump, the establishment is focused. How can we win when they have all the money and the media, and we are divided five ways or more?