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America: BUYcott this Bosnian-Owned Business

By Dr. Gina — On Location in South St. Louis —

This week, I was tipped by a reader that there was some Ku Klux Klan activity being exacted on black business owners in a Midwestern town. As I traveled across the Midwest between book signings, I went to the town, to the businesses, and could hardly believe what I witnessed.

The crimes and harassment were not only going unreported, but unpunished.

We don’t always know whether anecdotal accounts are actually rooted in racism, until we see patterns. That becomes especially true when you witness it with your own eyes.

I spent a day in a town where most of the residents are white, and they are so angry at what they are told is oppression, they are intentionally destroying their own town. Prominent leaders of the KKK were instigating whites to riot not just locally, but all over the country. News media would only report the black-on-white crime, but the white-on-black crime was swept beneath the rug.