Obama gets no credit for U.S. Marine’s release

Obama gets no credit for U.S. Marine’s release

By Dr. Gina

What would it be like to serve two heroic tours of duty for a country that was unwilling to defend you? What would it be like to sit naked and constrained, innocently suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, alone in a Mexican prison cell while your commander in chief golfed and luxed with Hollywood stars and hip-hop rappers?

Countless people could take credit for Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi’s release Friday from a Mexican prison. His mother, Jill, was relentless in her effort to get her son back on American soil to be treated for the PTSD he suffered after two tours of duty in Afghanistan. But others helped, too – his lawyer; the Mexican judge who released him; those who prayed for him; countless bloggers and conservative media outlets; the American citizens who wrote letters that his mother told me kept him going each day; the pastor who prayed with him while in prison; congressmen and senators who stood with him; Montel Williams; California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, who was relentless in Tahmooressi’s defense; Tahmooressi himself, who held up despite the fact that the American government he defended wouldn’t defend him. That is enough to make anyone cuckoo in solitary confinement!

But no matter what they say, there are certain “others” who cannot take credit for anything.

The omission of one phone call proves that credit for Tahmooressi’s release cannot go to Barack Obama or California Gov. Jerry Brown.

Obama already moved in just before an Election Day…