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What the media won’t tell you about Ferguson

Ferguson was in the former Missouri Senate district of my husband, John. I know the politics, and the people there. I remember how hard the business owners fought to bring back Ferguson, which was thriving before the social welfare policies blighted portions of it.

This whole incident is based upon contrived outrage over a sad, sad use – OK, abuse – of the good people of Ferguson by race baiters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. The truth is, a dirty alliance of race hustlers, leftist Democrats, anarchists, opportunistic looters and hard-core Marxists is pushing clear agendas with zero regard for the pain and suffering inflicted on individuals in Ferguson or anywhere else that’s a target.

This amazing town sits on the edge of the urban blight of the infamous “North St. Louis,” a wretched neighbor over which it has no control. Ferguson, and other communities in North St. Louis County, are like a patchwork quilt of varying jurisdictions of cities, school districts, sewer districts, police and fire districts that cross all over one another. All of these districts have little in common except that they are all suffering from the failed leftist politics that destroyed…