Hell hath no fury like women used for votes

Hell hath no fury like women used for votes

In love, women hate to believe they were manipulated.

In politics, women have awakened to find a Big Media machine in cahoots with politicians who “love them” only for their vote.” In the midterms, American women fired back in response to that manipulation and sent a clear message.

Women have felt for years that their political plight is unique – that they have certain gifts to contribute, and certain needs to be met to have a productive relationship with the body politic. But never did women want to be sold into that relationship. Never did women want to be misrepresented. Never did women want to be manipulated.

Ann-Marie Murrell, Morgan Brittany and I were maligned in the media for saying that women wanted more in the 2014 election than $10 in free birth control and unfettered access to abortion. In the media flurry that followed the publishing of our book, “What Women Really Want,” we were criticized for “only listening to conservative women” and for “setting the accomplishments of feminism back 50 years.”