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Time to draw the line with the GOP?

Time to draw the line with the GOP?

Dr. Gina examines Republican Party’s ‘psychological identity crisis’

By Gina Loudon, PhD

The GOP is having a psychological identity crisis.

Last election, I wrote and spoke constantly about how important it is to work within the framework of the GOP. A third party in our system simply doesn’t work and only hands elections to the other side, again and again. I believe in doing what works. Third-party voting doesn’t work. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t some way to send a clear message to the GOP leadership that we are a new breed of conservatives and, frankly, we aren’t going to take it anymore.

This week, I received a letter from a well-respected opinion leader in San Diego asking me to quietly withdraw my California registration with the GOP. She reasoned that the new congressional nominee that the local party is supporting is both pro-choice and a gay-rights activist…

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