Dr. Gina Helps Families Adopt Special Needs Children

I am working on establishing a charitable foundation to help families who want to adopt special needs children, especially those slated for abortion. This is my heart and my passion, and always has been. I don’t have a name yet. But I have the whole thing all worked out in my head, as only the Holy Spirit can order.


I wrote my adoption agent about this idea, and asked her to please refer her special needs children to me. I didn’t even know whether or not she was pro life, or Christian. This is the response I got that knocked me off my chair this am:

“Dear Gina:

Wonderful ministry! There is definitely a need. I will forward baby situations I hear about to you. I typically am not aware of whether or not the baby is or was abortion bound although sometimes I do.

A few weeks ago a facilitator emailed a very unique situation to me. The bio parents were Chinese (she was a medical doctor and he was a PhD, both were in the US just about a yr and were returning to China very soon and spoke little English). They thought they were having a healthy child but late in the pregnancy learned this was not the case. The baby was a boy with moderate to severe special needs. The parents did not feel they were equipped to handle these needs (this is how it was worded). The hospital brought in some abortion provider to explain abortion to the parents and the father was open to it and the mom apparently was not. This was about a month before the due date and the hospital was urging them to go out of state and abort if that was their decision since their current state (unsure what that was) did not openly at least allow abortion that close to term. Meanwhile the parents were considering adoption and were open to any type of family (single, gay, married, etc).

I forwarded the case to a lovely Christian couple that has adopted Asian children in the past, but did not receive a reply. I really had this little guy on my heart. I told my husband and 2 kids about the situation and we prayed for this baby. My son right away said that we should call this baby Lincoln. I asked why and he said that he was destined to be great. Coming from a 10 yr old boy who has never expressed such creativity in naming anything I was pretty amazed. Anyway, we now had a name and prayed for Lincoln by name.

I happened to be on that agency’s site recently and saw that this baby had died that same day. It indicated “fetal demise.” I don’t know if the baby died in child birth (it was a little before the due date) or was aborted (which as you know can happen just minutes prior to birth if you find an abortionist willing to do it). I went hysterical and have not cried that hard in a very long time. My son hugged me and said that the fact that I cared meant a lot and that Lincoln’s death was at least cared about by someone. I eventually calmed down and I literally heard the Holy Spirit speak to me and it got my attention. I heard the words, “You cared about this baby because he had a name. But they ALL have names.”

They ALL have names. They ALL have names. Isaiah 49:16