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11.01.13 – Radical Environmentalists and their Anti-Human Agenda, & an Injured Vet’s Incredible Story

Today’s Guests:

–      Novelist & Chemist, Chris Skates on the environmental extremist’s anti-human agenda…

–      US Army Retired Sgt. Ronald Kapture on how the shutdown affected him…

–      Our walking, talking encyclopedia of political knowledge, Lee Davis…

–      One of Dr. Gina’s favorite singer/songwriters of all time and the lead singer from Kansas, John Elefante

–      The man who scours the deepest darkest cravsses for stories you will hear nowhere else, Joe Messina

Brought to you by:

Gun Owners of America & Liberty Alliance
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The video will go live at 5:06pm Eastern/2:06pm Pacific. If you have trouble with the stream, try refreshing the page.

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