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Rally for Common Sense 2013 #FillTheField

Get it on your calendar! On October 12th, in Holt’s Summit, Missouri, a gathering of patriots from across the nation will take place. And admission is FREE!

The Foundation for Common Sense has organized the Rally for Common Sense 2013 to gather America-loving people from across the country to one place. Last year, when Dr. Gina spoke, she met people who had driven thousands of miles to make it to the rally.

This isn’t just some rally… The Foundation for Common Sense is a 501 (c) (3) and its stated purpose is:
“Funding instructional projects and training on the principles and goals of conservatism:  free enterprise, limited government and fiscal responsibility.”  This will be accomplished by distributing donor dollars via competitive grants (evaluated by an independent committee) to grassroots projects that perpetuate these pillars of Constitution conservatism.

That’s right! Money they bring in will be distributed to patriot groups who apply for grants! This money isn’t going into some organizer’s pockets… it is going straight back to be used on the front lines in the war for America. What a novel concept?!?!?

Why should I come?
– There is a great lineup of speakers (including Dr. Gina)
– There are great raffle prizes to win (including guns)
– Network with other conservative patriots (you’re not alone)

How can I go?
– You can register for the rally. It’s free! Link:

How can I help?
– You can make a donation at this address:

See you at the rally!