Dr. Gina’s Analysis of the Syrian Situation


Exclusive: Dr. Gina Loudon reveals ‘best move for Obama’ in Syria disaster

People want one thing out of their elected officials – they want them to stand for what they said they were going to stand for when they were elected. Syria has illuminated just how far statist presidents have deviated from that fundamental concept.

They are confusing Americans. They are confusing the world. They need to state an honest position and stick with it.

It is axiomatic that anytime there is a discussion about balanced budgets, the statists propose no cuts to welfare spending and all cuts to military. The anti-war movement largely resides in the Democrat base, at least at election time. That’s fine, but if you want to slash military spending and apply deep sequester cuts that limit our arms purchases and training for our soldiers, then you have an extra duty not to expend those limited resources wastefully.

Candidate Obama campaigned on a clear position that we should not be involved in foreign wars, and we should not be nation building. When the Arab Spring broke across North Africa, President Obama found a new appreciation for his ability to launch missiles into the middle of sovereign nations with a single phone call. He did not seek approval of Congress, but decided on his own what he would do with taxpayers’ resources and soldiers’ lives.