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Dr. Gina rejoices when conservatives, liberals recognize shared enemy

There are two things you should never discuss at dinner – politics and religion. Or maybe you should. In this day and age, we tend to speak only of religion and politics in our echo chambers. This certainly accounts for the bitter chasm between conservatives and liberals today.

The dialogue has always been a passion of mine, and I have always believed that when two well-intentioned, authentic adults sit down to talk, the world is better for it. As convicted as I am, both religiously and politically, I have a deep passion to understand people on the other side and not simply insouciantly regard them as evil.

Do conservatives and liberals want to get along? Well that might depend on how old they are. New studies suggest that younger people are less worried about issues they deem peripheral, and more concerned about the big ones: war, debt and the economy.

Other new studies say that the stronger and more hard hitting the argument for your side, the more likely you are to lose friends and influence no one.



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