Buycott! Time to shop like a patriot

Buycott! Time to shop like a patriot

Exclusive: Dr. Gina Loudon reveals how you can ‘talk with your pocketbook’

I am about to embark on the most fun I have ever had with an opinion column.

Conservatives like to talk with their pocketbooks, as I learned in 2009 when I launched the Buycott of Whole Foods. Unions picketed the store in opposition of CEO Jon Mackey’s opposition of Obamacare. Mackey hit the airwaves and print media, calling Obamacare “like fascism.” That’s when I realized there was one good way to support free markets: Use the free market!

The market forces at work here are simple. There is a solid conservative majority in this country, despite the result of presidential electoral results. Furthermore, the conservative majority is where the vast majority of the productive taxpayers reside. We have the clear advantage to use the BUYcott to defeat any boycott.

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I noticed a union picket of Whole Foods on a Thursday in August 2009 in my neighboring city of Town and Country, Mo., and posted on Facebook and Twitter that conservatives should consider going to Whole Foods and support Mackey and the free-market principles he was promoting. Only a few days later, in one night, about 1,000 free-market advocates spent more than $45,000 in my local Whole Foods store and left the union boycott speechless. I received copies of receipts from all over the world, from people wanting me to know that they were supporting my BUYcott of free-market principles…

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