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Fugitive caught by SWAT team after dozens forced from homes

author-imageby GINA LOUDON, PhD

A fugitive, one of San Diego County’s most wanted, was captured early Friday by SWAT team members in Imperial Beach after an eight-hour standoff in a residential neighborhood that left dozens of nearby residents out of their homes.

Jessica Silver, whose husband is deployed overseas most of the time, hid in a back bedroom with her young children while her neighborhood was overrun with officers, police vehicles and negotiators.

It was Ramiro Espinoza, 34, who was taken into custody about 1:15 a.m., according to sheriff’s officers. The standoff developed late Thursday afternoon when there was a report of gun shots and a responding officer approached Espinoza, who fled.

Authorities wanted the fugitive on suspicion of domestic violence, attempted murder, felony assault and having a weapon.

Neighbors told WND that they are worried now over what will happen in Gov. Jerry Brown’s fight over a  2008 Supreme Court ruling that said that overcrowded prisons are a “violation of inmates’ constitutional rights.”



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