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The New Statist Morality


Gina Loudon turns left’s favorite falsehood on its head

author-image  by Gina Loudon

Today I want to ask you a question. It’s like a game, and one that a conservative can win every time. Ready? Name one law in the history of the United States that does not impose someone’s morality on someone else.

You have more time. This isn’t Jeopardy. Keep thinking …

It’s OK. You aren’t alone. This isn’t the lottery, though you have a much better chance of hitting the jackpot there, because you can’t win this game, and neither can the left.

A favorite axiom of the left is that you cannot legislate morality. They push this canard, whether you are talking about general criminal laws, abortion laws, drug laws – it doesn’t matter.

They have built their proverbial temple out of cards, like the separation of church and state. They have virtually no idea the clause doesn’t exist in the Constitution.

Take, for example, this Constitution teacher who came into contact with Bradlee Dean’s ministry team:




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