What Do Fluke, Allah, and Political Correctness Have to do With Jesus? Part 2 of 2

What Do Fluke, Allah, and Political Correctness Have to do With Jesus? Part 2 of 2

 by Dr. Gina Loudon
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Pastor Jim Garlow (author, historian, theologian), of Skyline Church in San Diego, CA has written the books dispelling their ongoing deceptions.  He clarifies that they  (the authors of such rhetoric and faulty “research” like this Karen L. King, and Dan Brown, author of DaVinci Code) of course would like you to believe that “the church” led a smear campaign against Mary Magdalene as a way of putting down women because Mary Magdalene was Jesus’ designate to be the leader of the church once he had passed on—not Peter, James, John, etc.

This is historically invalid by virtue of the fact that it was Pope Gregory the Great in the year 590 who equated Mary Magdalene—who is of course set free from the demons, the devils that were within her, in a New Testament text—with an unnamed person in an adjacent text who was a prostitute. This wasn’t a smear campaign–it was merely sloppy scholarship. That story stayed, unfortunately. It took center stage, and the two were equated all along.

Mary Magdalene comes from Magdala, which as a town was associated with prostitution, so that may have contributed to the error. There’s no evidence in the New Testament that she was a prostitute (emphasis mine). Nor is there a shred of evidence that the church was trying to lead a campaign against women and thus created this line.

Nor did the church engage itself in killing 5 million women in what may be called gendercide—the killings that took place between 1400 and 1700, approximately, were primarily carried out by the state, and it was more like 100 thousand not 5 million. It would have depopulated Europe had he been accurate.”

Pastor Garlow is not the first to dispel the deceptions, nor will he be the last.   Scholars, pastors, and theologians have dispelled all of this throughout history.  Still, the left persists in a campaign of confusion.  They try to twist Christianity, foundational Judeo-Christian values and history itself so as to paint morality as the baseless, mistaken, “anti-woman” perspective.  In our book, “Ladies and Gentlemen” that I co-wrote with Dr. Dathan Paterno, we proclaim a simple reality about their twisting of facts:  They lie.

Their goal is to make the heroes of our time the Sandra Flukes, Lady Gaga, and, ironically the Muslim extremists.  We are, in our fiber as Americans, morally driven.  There is not a law in any municipality, state, or Country in history that is not based on someone’s version of morality.  All law is based upon it, so to contend that one faith should not judge morality is simply the accuser doing exactly what they are accusing the other of doing.

This is where Americans set themselves up to fall prey to the distortions of the leftists, amoral, and radical Islam.  Put simply, American morality is weaved throughout the US Constitution, and the hearts of American people, themselves. We mistakenly presume that all people have a basic morality that establishes that one should not lie, cheat, steal or kill.  Our mistaken contention fails when faced with one whose God is simply not God.  If one’s God is self, or the theology of Political Correctness, or Allah, they are playing by a whole separate set of rules.

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