Sarah Palin Unelectable?

When will conservatives learn that they (those saying our best bet for POTUS is our worst) don’t want us to win? I am sick and tired of watching conservatives self destruct and over think and ruminate on which packaged pretty boy might possibly not offend the liberals too much. All along, our man has been right there.

Unelectable? Well, not so much. Poll after poll prove otherwise. She is the #1 most well vetted candidate on the political stage. She is proven as an executive capacity leader, a crowd stormer, a plain spoken truth seeker, a woman of faith, a wife, mother of a real (not packaged) family, and the reality is she is unshakable, unsinkable, and Americans should be begging her to take the reigns and save our Country!

She is such a servant leader (we all say we want that) that she was willing to step aside when lawsuits to try to bring her down were choking her beloved state of Alaska. Isn’t that the benevolent leadership we need right now, more than ever?

WAKE UP conservatives before it is too late. Match whichever unvetted, unproven flavor-of-the-day-later day RINO (because they all are) with her and watch her surround herself with experts that change the course of history. Please think for yourself and quit buying into the LSM narrative. Be the ruggedly independent person God created you to be, sprout a backbone and insist on a Palin candidacy. This is our moment to shine, and we have our sunbeam. Don’t let them define the LSM, RINO’s, and establishment suits define moment for us–we have worked too hard and come too far. Carpe diem! Palin for POTUS.