Patriots Launch an Arizona BUYcott!

5/12/10 UPDATE:

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The latest details of the Stand With Arizona Rally are posted here:

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The lastest on Buy! Arizona is here: Listen Live!

5/4/10 UPDATE: I invited Congressman JD Hayworth on my show when I filled in for Bob Wells on KJSL, and I asked him to endorse our Arizona BUYcott on air for all to hear–and he DID! Very impressive! And I told him and I will tell you to get your bags packed, because we are going to ARIZONA, Patriots! Mark your calendars for the last week in May, the first week of June, and JOIN ME in Arizona as we formally BUYCOTT their sovereign right to enforce the laws already on the books! More details to follow SOON!

5/3/10 UPDATE: The Official Arizona BUYcott was launched this weekend in Kansas City Missouri before more than 3,000 patriots who are ready to advance on this issue! More exciting news coming, including a once-in-a-lifetime event. Stay tuned to, and follow on FB: Arizona BUYcott and on Twitter: @ArizonaBUYcott. Listen to Tony Katz (BUY Arizona!), McGraw Milhaven (KTRS), Dana Loesch (97.1, Big Journalism, Big Government), Michelle Malkin, Fox News, Gina Loudon (KTRS, KJSL, Big Journalism) and PJTV for more information as it unfolds.

Dateline: Phoenix, AZ: While protestors have launched a sit in calling on the Governor to veto the bill launching the Country’s first major state enforcement efforts on illegal immigration, protesters like Al Sharpton are asking for a Boycott of the State.

In response, Patriot groups around the country want to support the rights of the people of Arizona and are calling for a BUYcott of the State.

The first BUYcott was in support of Whole Foods and was launched on September 1, 2009 by Tea Party leaders in St. Louis, Dallas, Austin, California, Philadelphia, New Jersey and more. The events drew serious national attention as one St. Louis store had BUYcott-attributable sales totaling over $50,000 in one night. Next, they BUYcotted Ford Motor Company, and Ford stocks have done well. Now conservatives around the country are standing up for Arizona.

Calls for the BUYcott began the moment the Arizona protesters called for a Boycott of Arizona, with conservative groups were saying, ‘let’s join forces and make our voices heard for Arizona!’ So that is exactly what they are all joining together to do.

Some Arizona business facts:

The state’s leading export category is computers and electronic products, which alone accounted for nearly one-third (31 percent), or $4.3 billion, of Arizona’s total merchandise exports in 2009. Other top manufactured exports that year were transportation equipment ($2.5 billion); machinery manufactures ($1.3 billion); and fabricated metal products ($954 million).
Source: Revised Origin of Movement State Export Series, Bureau of the Census, Foreign Trade Division.

Rasmussen reported that 70% of Americans support the law in Arizona.

Groups and businesses listed below are asking that decision makers purchase exports coming out of Arizona, corporations plan their meetings there, and that families intentionally vacation there this summer when possible:

Congressman J.D. Hayworth (R-AZ, ret.) and candidate for US Senate
Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit
Tony Katz, The Tony Katz Radio Spectacular
Rose Corona, Ensuring Liberty Corp.
Gina Loudon, (Dr.
Doug Edelman, (
Brian Bollman, Aflux, Inc.
Lois Linton, Former MO State Director for Eagle Forum
Brooks Bayne, LA Tea Party
Dea Spencer, (
The AustinTea Party Patriots
Ken Emmanuelson
Bev Ehlen
Glenn Murphy, Shaden Shepherds, Inc.
Brian Gansereit, (
The Future Speaks (
As A Mom, Missouri
Connecticut 2nd District Tea Party
Any Street ( Conservative Community Organizing
Ken Murer, Automotive Products Consultants
Nick Kasoff
Tea Party Youth (
Adam Sharp (

The following tea party groups and coalitions have now joined in support of the Stand With Arizona Rally:

Daisy Mountain Tea Party Patriots
The Dallas Tea Party
East Valley Tea Party
Flagstaff Tea Party
Florida Tea Party
Forsyth County Tea Party Patriots
Mifflin County 9-12
Mount Vernon Area Tea Party
Mountain View Tea Party (Mesa)
Prescott Tea Party
San Tan Valley – Queen Creek Tea Party Patriots
Sonoita / Elgin Tea Party
South Florida Tea Party
Tea Party Patriots of Scottsdale
Tempe Tea Party
Titusville Patriots
Nationwide Tea Party Coalition

…and the list is growing fast!

“There are many ways for real people to support the BUYcott” said Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit. “If my family has a vacation this year, I am thinking the Grand Canyon, where I worked as a youth, might just be the perfect getaway. The national parks in Arizona are spectacular, too.”

“Tony Katz, host of The Tony Katz Radio Spectacular, has created the Buy Arizona! Initiative, and is offering free advertising on his daily radio show to support Arizona businesses.”

Brooks Bayne of the LA Tea Party said “no matter how you feel about the issue, it is ridiculous to punish business owners with a Boycott.” Naturally, there are already BUYcott efforts on Facebook (Arizona Buycott) and Twitter (@ArizonaBUYcott). Brian Gansereit has arranged for Arizona shoppers to have free shipping on his site ( and he hopes others will do the same.

“We see this as a statement about State’s rights, about freedom, and the right of people in one State to take action to protect their way of life as they see fit. We are proud to stand with Arizona and to support them with a BUYcott!”

Organizers are asking all participating patriot groups to email their receipts of Arizona expenditures to [email protected] so that we have quantitative data on our impact in this battle. There is also a Facebook Page and a twitter account @ArizonaBUYcott.

Final note: The Motto of Arizona: is Ditat Deus; “God Enriches”.




  1. Personally I think Arizona’s new law is a great law. We all recognize that we need to allow a better path to citizenship, but since the state can’t grant the citizenship the only way we can protect ourselves is to enforce harsher penalties against all illegal immigrants. We can’t sort the good and the bad until the Federal government acts. Instead of protesting our actions people should be petitioning their congressmen to reform immigration laws. We just want to keep the criminals and drug dealers out of our state.

  2. Until the Federal government steps up and modifies their laws to allow a reasonable number of immigrants to enter this country legally, we have no other choice but to start enforcing the laws. The intention of this law is to penalize the illegal criminals and while it will no doubtably spill over unfortunately to good people I don’t see any other option. Other than legalizing the drugs that are really the problem here. Drug trafficking is responsible for the increase crime not the illegals.

  3. I absolutely support this law and wish that touchy-feeling CA would get their heads out…… I have a second home in AZ and will be there all summer!!!

  4. It’s always interesting that the only ones stirring up antiArizona sentiment aren’t from The Americas but are the negroid based overseas communist cultures. Much the same hoodlums who gangstered obama into The White House and spend all their time trying to demolish America and telling everyone how they don’t even want to be here. Very sad and disturbing.

  5. I have a retirement home out in Phoenix and I support what Arizona is doing to TRY and stem the tidalwave of illegals and drugs coming into the state. The federal government has laws on the books, from 1986, that they refuse to enforce and Arizona had to do something to protect their border and it’s citizens. Arizona has gone out of it’s way to pass a law, which mirrors the federal law and placed safeguards for legal residents and citizens to insure their constitutional rights. This whole matter is an exercise in political correctness, the keft does not like the current laws because it does not open the borders of the United States. What country on the planet does not have immigration laws? None, only the United States is supposed to have open borders. Why is that? Because the left wants what we have and are doing everything they can to destroy this country.
    Support Arizona and help to pass similar laws in your state, before it is too late.

  6. I fully support Arizona in it’s efforts to secure it’s borders. Wish Texas would do the same.

  7. I do not understand how we are letting illegal immigrants dictate our laws? AMERICA WAKE UP!!!!!!!!! Is it not discrimination to enfore some of the laws on citizens yet allow illegals to break the law? I would gladly move to Az I live in TX and I will support anything that stops the flow of our tax money to care for ILLEGAL immigrants. This is so mucked up we could save a lot of money not supporting them.

  8. I have at least 5 documents that have to accompany a Fed-Ex or UPS package from out of the country. It’s too much to ask that PEOPLE have some document available if they are detained and appear to be here illegally?

    Give me a break, let’s pass this in TX. Arizona rules!

  9. Yes, we should stand with Arizona, Utah and Pennsylvania and SHAME ON TEXAS AND GOVERNOR PERRY for not officially supporting them and protecting Texas and America from these criminal invaders who have as many ‘free babies’ as they can on our soil in order to use them as their ticket to free money and services and unearned citizenship. They threaten us openly and happily claim they voted illegally. As a life-long Republican, I’m left without a Party. I’m an AMERICAN and I’m sick of the invading enemy and the government employees who enable the invasion. Shame on every citizen and state in our Republic who does not stand publicly for Arizona and the preservation of America.

    As a Texan, I will not be voting for Gov. Perry and at this point I’m not sure who will get my vote and support. Words mean nothing and action means everything. He’s running out of time and making a lot of stupid statements. Mr. ‘CFR’ better stop playing North American Union and One World politics or he is out of a job.

    IMMIGRANTS theoretically come here to be Americans and if they break our laws or attempt to dictate to us; they can get lost…rescind their citizenship. ILLEGALS AND THEIR premeditated ‘anchor babies’ need to be rounded up and deported NOW. If the Federal Government won’t enforce our laws…and attempt to change them to benefit invaders at our expense…then WE the People and the States need to do whatever it takes to defend our HOME and our FAMILY.

    While our men and women die on foreign soil to defend rights that our Fiduciaries are violating here at home; we are left to wonder how we wound up in a Twilight Zone world with foreign troops shipped in to control us and prevent us from preserving our Constitution and our people.

  10. Thank you Texas for your support. I’m sure you feel the pain with, drugs, crime, killings, over crowed jails and courts, along with the extra expense of ACCESS, hospitals, schools, and on and on.

    Good Luck on your movement to establish a law.

  11. Our contact here in Texas Debbie Riddle – Texas House of Representatives – 81st Legislature 2009/2010
    She has made proposal to bring forth a similar law here in Texas. As a proud Texan I have made contact with Ms. Riddle showing my support for such a law. I would urge all Texans who feel that this would helps us in this struggle to take back our country from this invasive element to let her know we stand together and are ready.

  12. We already legally admit over 100,000 immigrants from Mexico every year. Stepping up that number is not necessary in my opinion just because conditions in their country are poor. They fly the Mexican flag openly here as if they are patriotic towards Mexico, after they have abandoned their country. If they are truly patriotic towards their home country, shouldn’t they have stayed to try to improve its condition?

    Leftists supporting an open-border policy fail to acknowledge that 25% of all immigration worldwide is people moving to the U.S. A staggering fact. When do we stop? When all people of the world that want to be here are here? Our public, social and economic infrastructure cannot support mass influxes of people, legal or otherwise.

    Ironic that the extreme-environmentalist on the left typically support the open-border concept but fail to admit that if we open the borders, we will have to develop more land to support a much larger population.

  13. Legislation like this is comming to Texas so it’s in our best interest to stand by Arizona. A bill was brought to the floor once and didn’t pass but I think it’s going to be entered again later this year or early next. Alot of states are getting ready to launch their own bills. If we stand for Arizona it might go easier for the others.

  14. The same thing has been going on for the last 30yrs in the UK, & unfortunately with the place being a lot smaller, the ship has already sunk, along with all it’s sovereignty & the silver wear!!
    From a distance it doesn’t take much to realise Perry should NEVER have been voted back in in Texas…what a grave mistake..[he really is not looking out for you!] Smock!!…their I said it…….SHAME ON HIM.

    Get Texas on board ASAP.

    My regards to Arizona, your time has come!….someone at last that doesn’t have a yellow streak up their back.

  15. We support Sheriff Joe and Gov Jan…Thank Good that they are working to keep us safe…Please call , write, email everyone around the state to stay home this vacation and visit our Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, etc, Stay at our 5 star resorts and keep money in Arizona, and ask everyone out of state to come here and support us…It will work! Boycott the Suns and the Diamondbacks …and any others that fail to support SB1070, Jan Make T-shirts of support ,

  16. thanks Barrie. My mum was from UK along with my family. Yes to little to late for them. And so many Brits have been brainwashed. Thanks for standing up for what is right. We are not biggot here in Arizona. We have many Hispanic Americans that have been here for hundreds of years. We love them. But we can’t afford Anchor Babies and paying their way anymore. They broke our laws. They didn’t get it line. We have supported them and we get thanked by radical groups like Aztlan (revolutionary Mexies) who think this is their country. I am done.

  17. I love Arizona. Arizona is my hometown. As publisher of Az Tourist News, established 1997 we ARE Arizona. From Events to Attractions; from Resorts to RV Resorts to Log Cabins; from The Colorado River Area to the White Mountains.

    Arizona deserves the respect our laws command. We are currently under attack from people who DO NOT live in Arizona. Unfortunately from a few that DO live in Arizona.

    I t is time to show to those that which to maximize that which is minimal, while minimizing that which is critical.
    Perhaps survival, public safety do not ring loud and clear to hypa eductated politicians with little to no common sense and even less virtue.
    These well meaning (NOT) people need to see from those who DO understand what is at state with Arizona’s Immigration Policy.
    It is America’s Immigration policy, not withstanding. Lets NOT forget it!

    The time is NOW to band together and decide that perhaps we should rethink how we respond (do not react, “they” want you to!) Lets go out of our way to BUY Arizona.
    People BUY because they “need, desire, and can afford” a product. I say to all those outside of Arizona who could buy FROM Arizona if they made a point to…I say DO IT, and do it loud and clear,…we want to hear from you with comments on your change of plans to include Arizona in your purchasing.
    You don’t need to visit here to buy here, you don’t need to buy from out of state when you can visit, …just remember Arizona.

    I say to all the businesses in Arizona that support of Legislation and our Governor, reach out to those who might wish to change purchasing plans and provide incentives. Dollar value discount, percentage off discount, or something free with purchase. (not allowed with other discounts)
    I encourage lodging facilities to ante up and provide the first night free with a minimum of three nights or more reserved at least two weeks in advance. Please go to and sign up. We will list your business free once you sign on to support Arizona Immigration Laws.

  18. May I respectfully suggest that, in addition to a BUYcott, Patriots across the USA should consider a boycott of those states and political entities that have decided to boycott Arizona. There’s no reason why boycotts can’t work both ways! With a majority of the American people believing that Arizona has a right to protect its citizens and enforce immigration laws that the Federal Government in Washington DC refuses to enforce, who’s more likely to experience the greater economic dislocation?

  19. Each day we hear more and more of how un-american we are if we stand for law and the constitution. I get stopped if I do not wear my seat belt and they ask me for I D. How far the left has gone to make right look wrong. Yes the officer gave me a ticket. As a gran mother with 11 gran children. We must support and teach the youth to stand up for our laws and freedoms, they wil carry the brunt of bad decisions.

  20. Here’s my question, if your not an illegal immigrant, but an undocumented alien and should avoid any criminal penalties. Can’t I go into your home whenever I want, after all it’s not breaking and entering, I’m an UNWANTED GUEST!!! Any thoughts everyone?

  21. I support Arizona! WE need a similiar law in Texas. Illegal immigration has gotten out of hand in my town. The crime rate has risen drastically since the tremendous influx of illegals into our town. Contact all of your representatives and let them know they will not have your vote if they do not support Arizona and pass a similiar law. We are in the majority that are for this and I would say don’t listen to the smoke the left wing people are sending. They are running scared because they know America is no longer going to allow them to call the shots.

  22. This is an outrage to those who have migrated legally.
    These people are criminals and should be treated as such.

    How did we lose control of our country and government?

    Vote em’ all out in 2012…The NEW American Revolution.

  23. I sent this to the El Paso Times for publishing. I am also in the process of organizing for a rally but need help from more experienced people than me. Please contact me if you like what I wrote. A little about me;

    Retired Apparel Executive
    1986-1988 Congressional appointee of Civilian Aide to the Secretary of The Army (West Texas)
    1988 Hispanic Business Magazine’s Too 100 Influential Hispanics
    1988 Chair of the first U.S./Mexico Bilateral Agreement to be led by a non-government official
    Founding Member of the United States Apparel Industry Council
    1994 Texas 16th District Level One Congressional Republican Candidate. Lost 56-44
    Veit Nam Veteran, Air Force Commendation Medal 1968

    The 9-11 Terrorist Were Illegal Immigrants

    This argument led by our President about what is going on in Arizona is completely missing the point. If we had only questioned, at least one terrorist, who was stopped because of a driving infraction, at least that one killer would have not gotten on the plane. Even better, with some luck, the whole plot could have been uncovered and stopped. To date the tragedies that have been averted have been due to alert and inquisitive citizens.

    Today, the head of the Immigration, Customs and Enforcement agency says he might not even take the illegal immigrant apprehended. What is wrong with the idea that it is ok for an enforcement officer not to enforce the law? What is wrong with a President who encourages civil disobedience and sides with another head of state on hallowed White House Grounds? What is wrong with a congress that stands up and applauds negative remarks about one of our states in our union? What is wrong with community leaders who undermine their own laws by preaching civil disobedience from their council podiums?

    I did not know that radical Islam terrorists could not be illegal immigrants crossing our southern borders. Since we all agree that racial profiling is wrong, why can we not question after legal detention because of having broken any law. I suppose that by one of our own councilman’s standards, apprehending the individual for having a pound of marijuana in the car would also be wrong.

    To my Hispanic brothers, I say this is not about racism; this is about keeping our citizens (mothers, wives, children, etc…) safe. Many of us have died in defense of our country even when we thought many or some in our country were racists. The safety of our country trumped everything else. I remember an uncle of mine who served his country during WWII. He said, Bobby ‘ I remember a sign in El Paso, on a Montana Street restaurant, that said We do not serve Mexicans or Dogs; but I still went to war because my family, my neighbors and my countrymen’s life and liberty were being threatened by monsters. Well friends the changes have been mostly made to the benefit of equality. Some are living in a past from which they were not even a part of. The people of The Greatest Generation showed us what it was worthwhile dying for and what was worthwhile fighting for.

    I submit to you that many of the institutions that a screaming racism are doing it because they are trying to justify their long outlived utility to many of our causes. Friends, they are simply trying to keep their jobs.

    Mr. Obama, as the Chief of Chiefs is being negligent by not upholding his solemn oath of office. The challenge to Arizona should be in the courts and not in with insightful rhetoric. Protect and defend from enemies abroad and within………. So help me God.

    Can we really be fooled into thinking that legally stopping a person or persons for cause and questioning them should not be done because of potential racism, when that could happen with or without the Arizona law in all states? We already have remedies that are being applied for the purpose of punishing those who commit a racist crime. The Federal laws allow an Immigration Officer to question us for any reason. Why do we spend billions of dollars on their salaries, if they are now mandated by the President’s Policy not to ask? I submit that if the President and the peace officers of this country are not going to do their jobs, they should be fired.

    Mr. President you should resign. Then you could criticize just like any other citizen or even radical. As President you have the obligation to behave our chief executive. If you do not resign, I only ask why congress does not impeach you for dereliction of duty in not upholding your oath of office?
    No wonder we are starting to throw all the bums out.

  24. tune in we are an acoustic duo who stand up for america and do it through music
    we will be at the “stand with arizona” rally on may 29th..we go on at 8:07pm
    thanks and please touch base with us
    terry and diane mccabe

  25. I am supporting you folks every day in my words and now in my actions.
    I am off for two week vacation and much of it will be in Ariziona and that was planned specifically to help Arizona out.

    Hang in there….we are all proud of what you are standing up to!

  26. YES!!! BUYcott!! Keep our dollars in Az. Just a reminder, there will be another rally next week June 5th at Wesley Bolin Park, 3-6pm, with a bar-b-q at 6pm by JD HAYWORTH. FOR MORE INFO LOG ON TO “” And another little tip, VACATION IN AZ., There will be several Festivals in Pine-Stawberry, Az. June 12 & 13. EVENTS: BLUES FESTIVAL, STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL, RIM COUNTRY MOUNTAIN BIKE FESTIVAL, PINE-STRAWBERRY MUSEUM EVENTS, AND MORE….. FOR MOR INFORMATION LOG ON TO “”. By the way events will be 1/4 mile from National Forest land, there will be FREE DRY CAMPING AND TENT CAMPING, the websit will also have hotel accomodations. HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE….

  27. I did not participate in todays rally. Not for or against SB1070. All I can gauge my thoughts by is what I saw and read in the news. I will say this though and it concerns me a bit. They showed a speaker at the ‘buycott’ rally and all he kept saying was anti-Mexican. Anti-Mexico. This is exactly what the protesters are afraid of, it sounded like racial profiling, racist comments. That is NOT the way to handle the rally. Granted, most of the illegals are from Mexico but that is one thing you DO NOT want to do is single them out. And to semi-quote Woody Guthrie who was for peace?! Someone needs to proofread and approve speeches before the next rally July 4.

  28. Arizona’s proposed anchor baby law may actually pass the Constitutionality test. The Constitution states anyone born in the US is a citizen BUT the person must be “subject to the jurisdiction” of the United States. One could argue that illegals are outside of this jurisdiction.

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