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What is the ‘Political “A” List’?


The Political “A” List was created for the acknowledgement of those conducting political activity creatively, and courageously. I see today as a new day in politics–one where politics as usual just doesn’t work. I am shocked by the volumes of political insiders who do not understand this simple reality.

As someone involved in politics for more than a decade, I am constantly asked “how one person can affect political realities.” I want to answer that question by commending those who do it well, and inviting others to follow in courageous activism that really affects change.

I am a conservative. I will always be honest about that. But I am looking for people in all walks of politics who think outside the box, and take risks to serve their constituents. I am looking for transparent, honest, brave policy makers, activists, and others who are willing to lead courageously.

I want the Political “A” List to illuminate a consistent parade of unheralded, innovative activity that inspires and encourages my readers and listeners to be involved.