Political A-Lister-BILL HENNESSY

There is no book more worthy of our attention in the political realm today than Bill Hennessy’s “Zen Conservatism.”  Bill has revolutionized political action and single handedly changed the face of politics as usual.  No one combines Bill’s level of savvy knowledge of marketing, neuropsychology, and politics as Bill Hennessy.  He is one in a million, and all talking heads would be well served to heed his advise and wisdom because he paints a road map to the future of politics in this country that many just don’t understand.

From Bill: “I am totally undeserving of this recognition. I admit that I’m trying to change the world, but I’m not alone.  And we’re not getting freer every day. When history reverses itself — when individuals control more of their lives and petty politicians control less — then my tiny contribution will have yielded a return. That return will be possible only because of the greater work by millions of others. Still, thank you.  I am honored to make Gina’s Political “A” list.

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