Psychologists Say You Are Born Either Conservative or Liberal

Dr. Gina discusses many of the latest medical and psychological studies with April Braswell & Mark Spurlock

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Pelosi’s Dirty Little Secret

Pelosi’s dirty little secret Posted By Dr. Gina Rep. Nancy Pelosi, in an effort to save her job as minority leader, has played the sexism card. After the devastating midterm losses, the obvious question is: Should Pelosi be replaced as …

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Hell hath no fury like women used for votes

Hell hath no fury like women used for votes In love, women hate to believe they were manipulated. In politics, women have awakened to find a Big Media machine in cahoots with politicians who “love them” only for their vote.” …

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Dr. Gina Talks Politics with Newt Gingrich

Dr. Gina filled in for the week for Bryan Fischer on Focal Point on AFRTalk. She spoke with Newt Gingrich about a range of topics, and asked him whether he was running for president in 2016. Follow Dr. Gina: Facebook.com/GGLoudon …

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Obama gets no credit for U.S. Marine’s release

Obama gets no credit for U.S. Marine’s release By Dr. Gina What would it be like to serve two heroic tours of duty for a country that was unwilling to defend you? What would it be like to sit naked and …

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Should the Gov’t Pay People To Lose Weight? Dr. Gina on Fox & Friends

Dr. Gina joined Ainsley Earhardt on Fox & Friends to discuss the UK’s latest grand idea to incentivise people to lose weight. Will it come to the U.S. next? Follow Dr. Gina: Facebook.com/GGLoudon Twitter.com/DrGinaLoudon Get Dr. Gina’s book: What Women …

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Dr Gina

2 Things Women Want that Dems Can’t Offer

The most terrifying thing to Democrats right now is a hard-working, independent provider. That is simultaneously the thing that is the most attractive to 90 percent of women in America. This week, Gwyneth Paltrow fawned all over President Obama, saying …

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A Tribute to a Giant Warrior of God

This week God welcomed a warrior home. D.j. Ford is whole now, and with the Lord he loves. I am so thankful for the gift of DJ in my life. I am thankful to his family for always making me …

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