Trump’s 2 biggest wins in his 1st 100 days

The D.C. establishment is doing its best to obstruct President Trump at every turn, but as the 100-day mark approaches, it doesn’t look like it has been very successful, despite the narrative the media will try to inject into bot brains this week.

President Obama set President Trump up very well for early success in the White House. That was so nice of him.

When Obama enacted his agenda by executive order, he didn’t predict an outsider would take the Oval Office and undo it all, literally, with the swipe of a pen. He probably expected a Bush or a Marco Rubio type who would leave in place what was, um, “established.” Oops.

You can quantify a lot of great things this president has done in a very short amount of time, despite the petulance of partisan, obstructionist Democrats and zero help from Congress. But perhaps Trump’s biggest achievements in his first 100 days are not as quantifiable as number of jobs created or increased stock-market value.

The overriding big-league wins thus far:

He has…