Mexico Commits Biological Warfare on U.S.

Mexicans released an estimated 143 million gallons of raw sewage into California beaches for a period spanning at least 18 days. There was no alert that it was coming. NAFTA and other international treaties that establish fair warning and other notification measures meant nothing to them. The sewage was pumping directly into California neighborhoods for weeks before there was any notice to tourists and home owners affected.

I live just north of Tijuana where this sewage was pumped.

The reality is, few local politicians will even take a stand to do their jobs and protect their citizens because it is politically incorrect to oppose Mexico in any way. Not one Mexican official has condemned the bio warfare. Mexico has not apologized, nor has it made any commitments to fix the problem.

For all of the environmentalists who opine and scream, “The sky is falling!” over global warming or the destruction of a smelt fish, where is the indignation over the birds and water life endangered? For all of the children’s charity advocates who carefully ignore pre-born children and self-congratulate over raising money for art classes for children in America, where is the outrage over the possible disease and food contamination of said children in Southern California? Oh, wait. I get it. The children endangered here are “privileged,” so they don’t count.