Melissa’s Story

This story is hard for me to write today, but I promised some of you I would tell it…this is just the first part because I know you will want to help…
Before the election, I knew her through our texts and phone calls. Sean introduced us when we were both women out there defending Trump against crude attacks (along with our third friend in the trifecta, Carrie [In case you ever wonder God DOES restore what the locusts eat away in more amazing ways than you could ever dream!]).
I had a blast with the Trump women all through the campaign, but one, in particular, is the friend God whispered for me to tell you about today. Her name is Melissa.
She simply wants to protect her child’s future. I simply wanted to protect my childrens’ futures. We bonded on that simple fact. It was beyond politics, certainly beyond pageants and pretty things and great shoes and much of what makes life fun for us in other moments. This was fierce determination for both of us… a clawing, scratching battle to the truth we thought we knew about what simply HAD to happen for our children. We were merely moms.
There was one difference.
Even though we have no idea how long each of us has on this earth, she has been assured that her time left to see the Face of God is short.
Due to a medical error, she doesn’t have long to live. Mr. Trump assured her, “we will take care of your boy.” But long before he told her that, she had a story that inspired her to fight and to live long enough to see him elected.
Her husband is devastated. Her little 8 year old boy doesn’t quite understand everything yet. This vibrant, beautiful, Miss Wisconsin was determined, though, to take the stage one more time and correct the lies being told about Donald Trump. She did, every chance she had, with every thing she had, without complaint or fear.
We texted and spoke about things that made us mad in the media, about friends we lost, about horrible people who were doing horrible things over their own pride in an election. But mostly we spoke about our faith in God, and our prayers for our childrens’ futures.
One night, after I got off air, we spoke for hours. That night, I remember chilling countless times, as she told me her WHOLE story, which she told me she has told no one else. She asked me to be certain her whole story is told when she can no longer tell it, and I will keep that promise to her, no matter what. It is powerful.
My plan was to have her on my show and give her the entire hour. She promised me she would make it to election night if it took her dying breath.
She planned her trip to NYC first. I was afraid to plan it for so many reasons, but in the final hour, I did. Imagine the moment I finally got to meet this friend who had carried me through the rough times in the campaign, in the most unusual ways. The photo of her kissing my forehead is the exact moment we met.
God allowed a miracle that night, I believe, when I finally got to meet my friend, Melissa, for the first time, Election Night in NYC! It was one among many miracles I witnessed that night. But meeting her was really the moment I know God never wants me to forget. It was like the crowds were silent and it was just us… two friends, two mothers, both fighting in our own ways for the future of our children beyond our own lives.
We knew it would probably be the only time we would meet in person. We both cried and laughed and celebrated as we cheered our candidate to victory that night!
Then, I felt like Cinderella at the stroke of midnight (or 3 am:), I got a call and had to literally RUN back over to News Corp (there were no cars, due to thousands cheering in the streets “Call it, call it!” When I merely WALKED out with my red hat, the crowd went wild! I had to say this because it was the most magical thing I had ever seen! I ran all the way over to FOX to do my hit but when I got there, that is exactly when Podesta came on and you know the rest. We won! But my final time to celebrate with Melissa was gone, forever).
I RAN all the way back from FOX in hopes that I would get to see Melissa one more time. I missed her. I had to catch my flight at 5 am to make a hit back in Cali at 3.
I didn’t see her again that night. I don’t know if I will ever see her again.
We were all cut by the election and lost people we thought were friends in the chaos of the last 16 months, but Melissa had a special dose of hate. Apparently the Never Trumpers were so insensitive that she was harassed for her work for Mr. Trump, and her family car was even stollen while she was in NYC. And there is more…but I know this… she wouldn’t change a thing, and you won’t hear her complain.
I have to add that I have never seen or heard her complain, ever. Not on social media, not in person, and never for gain. She could have. Perhaps she even SHOULD have. But she hasn’t. That’s why I wanted to share her story in case you don’t know.
To meet her is to know complete peace. She lives every moment, with zero regret, like all of us probably would if we weren’t so caught up in the race of life and career. If she still graces this earth I know Thanksgiving will be exactly what it should be for all of us, though I am the WORST at pausing to appreciate.
From her I have learned so much!
*I learned to fight until my dying breath for my children, because in the end, that is our sole purpose aside from glorifying God and enjoying Him forever.
*I learned about loyalty. It doesn’t end when you have a condition, even a fatal diagnosis. She fought for Trump even though she only has her voice with which to fight. And she won’t stop. She just isn’t made of the stuff that makes excuses.
*I learned to love more deeply, and be fearless about what others think in their judgement of my love of those God gives me to love.
*I learned to smile more. Not that cheesy, TV or pageant smile, but that smile that Melissa has, that takes you right to her soul. That one.
*I learned to complain less, and hug with abandon.
*I learned to be fearless. Or at least to really WANT to be, because she is, and I really don’t know what most of the rest of us have to fear, if she isn’t afraid…
If there is one thing I don’t see, hear, or feel in Melissa’s presence, it is fear. I have never seen such peace personified. I want to learn that.
And I want to tell her story. I love story. You may not know that it is why I do what I do every day. Story is my elixir. Story can help us understand those we otherwise can’t, can story can remind us who we are, and story can help us learn to become what we want to be. It can also help us reach into dark places and shed light even when we can’t see our way. Story binds us. Story is a gift from God, Himself.
Melissa’s story is unique. Not everyone gets to go from rags to pageants, like she has. Not everyone wears a crown to a hospital, or a feeding tube to the election night of a president. Not everyone gets a solid goodbye. Not everyone knows the value of a good pair of shoes, a tent that changes your life, a kiss on the forehead that penetrates your soul, or the tear of a friend on your own cheek. She does. And because of her, now I do.
This morning I received a text from her nurse that even texting has become too difficult for her. I want to grab my Carrie and fly there and be there but I have a bad virus right now so that is out of the question.
I want to kiss her forehead and laugh with her and see the flash of fire blue in her eyes once more.
I have seen her battle back to be there on Election Night. I told her I will see her at the Inauguration where we will be united with our Carrie, too, and so many other friends who have been so amazing over the last 16 months. She can do this.
Isn’t it amazing that through all of the ugliness of the campaign battle and a medical error that is robbing this beautiful mama of her very life, God found a way to put so much beauty in the story of this path?
No matter what, I know this… our reunion will be beautiful, and her story will be told. God joined us by heartstrings for very special reasons. That, I know. And I am SO thankful <3
I love you, Melissa. #FightOn #MAGA’d #GodBlessAmerica #AmericaBlessGod
You can help her here, and you can donate anonymously, as well at this link. Happy Thanksgiving <3!

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