Hillary Must Step Down

“We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.” -Aesop

Her scandals read like a Billy Joel song …

#WhiteWatergate #Filegate #Donorgate #Travelgate #Fostergate #Cattlegate #Monicagate #troopergate #Chinagate #Commercegate #Pardongate #Impeachmentgate #Benghazigate #EMailgate #FBIQuidProQuogate #UraniumtoRussiagate #bleachbit #ClintonFoundationgate

She even lied about having a cold. That may define where we are now better than anything, but unlike many of her lies, it can’t land her in prison. Some of her lies can and likely will, when the chickens come home to roost. If she is president at that point, the results would be devastating for our country.

FBI’s Director Comey called her “reckless” before, and he did not deny that she has mishandled classified information. The Democrats argued that it was incompetence, not corruption. But then the drip, drip, drip of WikiLeaks, the quid pro quo offers to the FBI, as well as the James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas videos showing even deeper corruption and exploitation of campaign workers. Then Comey dropped the final bomb on Hillary’s fortress just 11 days prior to Election Day. That further investigation is needed is an obvious indication that there is a THERE, there, and it’s a big one.

Democrats who want to win should ask Hillary to step down. Her vice-presidential candidate, Sen. Tim Kaine, should become the nominee instead.