Comey Confirms Clinton Corruption

FBI Director James Comey came out today saying he doesn’t have much new on Hillary, after all. This confirms everything Mr. Trump has said all along about our politics. The problem is that there are currently people in jail for things that Hillary has done en masse. This confirms to anyone awake that the corruption penetrates to unfathomable levels, and that Mr. Comey (who originally said there was “no way” his investigators could read 650,000 emails prior to Election Day) suddenly reversed his story in the face of threats, pressure and God only knows what else.

Congressman Jason Chaffetz tweeted this on Sunday:

The Clintons will spin this to say that Hillary did nothing wrong, but, this message from Comey does not indicate that the investigation into her emails is closed. We should also remember that the FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation’s pay for play scandal is still very much alive.

We know that her foundation took money from foreign governments, and she lived lavishly off of it, allotting only 6% of donations to go to charity, while abusing the other 93% of monies intended for charity.

We know she gave her maid copies of classified documents and risked the safety and security of Americans. We know she gave her daughter, Chelsea, classified information, too. All of that is likely indictable, according to legal experts.