Trump’s psychological debate strategy

Since I know Donald Trump reads my column every week (I mean, wouldn’t you, if you were running for POTUS?), I thought I would share my thoughts on how best to defeat Hillary Clinton in Monday’s debate. The psychology might be the most important part of this debate.

As someone who has prepared candidates for debates, as well as consulted in crisis-management strategies, there are some things I want to share that I think will help not only defeat Mrs. Clinton soundly in the debates, but reverse her intention of making Mr. Trump look unfit and expose her mental unpreparedness for the presidency.

Clinton’s staff knows she can’t win the debate on policies that have failed the Obama administration, or on magnetism, so the campaign is taking a different tack. Mrs. Clinton has hired a team of psychologists and other mind gurus to prep her for the debate Monday. Her goal is to ensnare Mr. Trump to play into her “he is temperamentally unfit for the job” narrative.

If Secretary Clinton tries to back Mr. Trump into a corner by tossing accusations at him to bully him, he is in a bit of a spot. As a man, if he battles back too strongly, our very sexist society will turn it on him and paint her as the victim.