6 Reasons Hillary Clinton Is Dangerous

Hillary has proven over and over to the American people that she is solidly unfit to be president. The question is, when will people start believing the behavior that Hillary has proven over and over?

I will acknowledge that it is my personal observation that most politicians at the national level display some number of narcissistic traits. Narcissism is not necessarily dangerous unless other, more organic and systemic traits are present. In fact, the argument can be made that some degree of narcissistic “ability” may be necessary to run on the national level.

Hillary is in a separate category altogether.

  • She has risked national security and been instrumental in destabilizing the Middle East.

  • She has lied under oath.

  • She has colluded with enemies for personal gain through the Clinton foundation: “Honestly I cannot trust the American news media because they are all in bed with the Clinton Foundation” – Julian Assange.

  • She has brutalized and bullied women her husband abused.

  • She left heroes to die in Benghazi and then lied to the faces of the families, graveside, to cover for Islamic terrorists. The list goes on.

  • Hillary Clinton displays evidence of a traumatic brain injury that could impair her decision making as president of the United States.

Hillary admits she has a brain that “short circuits…”