Powder keg: America is reaching a tipping point

My friend, Laura, has a daughter who had some deadly unknown virus last week. She was running dangerously high fevers, and thanks to the influx of illegals and refugees, she was immediately taken by the infectious disease team to try to determine the cause.

Laura ran home to change clothes, and grab some favorite items for her daughter to try to add comfort during a terrifying time. But Laura couldn’t get to her daughter. Black Lives Matters protesters had blocked the highway and she was stuck, on a highway, scared and alone, with no way to get to her daughter – who needed her.

In a frantic rage, she found herself going through options in her mind about how she could simply get through, and get back to her daughter. In her imagination, with her car as a potential weapon, she considered the worst for a moment.

She found herself smack dab in the midst of real-life consequences to peoples’ political drama, and political correctness.

How long before someone like my friend takes matters into her own hands and mows down some protesters?

I am honored to be a delegate at this historic Republican National Convention. Never before have I felt so focused, so head down, so determined to try to do my part to set this country back on the right track.

We knew this would be like no convention ever before.