Hillary’s Transgendered Savior

The leftist playbook reads: Find an issue that can divide the electorate that exploits a mythical victim that the left can defend against the “hateful” attacks of the right. That is when the issue of transgender bathrooms was conceived.

The story goes like this: Somewhere out there, there is a poor, mistreated, gender-confused child who is being taunted and bullied by mean schoolchildren raised by extreme right-wing Christian conservative haters. The poor kid can’t even go to the bathroom in peace.

Their transgendered savior fairy tale hopes to accomplish two things:

1) Distract from things that really matter to the American voter, like terrorists and a $19 trillion debt, and

2) Turn all right-leaning voters into those bullies hurting their non-existent, mythical hero-savior.

They can’t win without their transgendered savior, because their overused establishment candidate (Hillary) has failed miserably on issues that matter to voters, like national and economic security.

Here is what is pathetic: Christian leaders are falling right into the trap.

Conservative Christian leaders are taking to the airwaves and starting boycotts over this issue. Conservative politicians are giving speeches to crowds of angry evangelicals about prayer being taken out of schools and about the perverts who will now be given free rein to waltz into bathrooms across the nation and molest their children in transgender bathrooms.

The response from the right to this contrived controversy is exactly wrong….