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The #NeverTrump critics get Trumped

The #NeverTrump critics were put squarely between a rock and a hard place this week: Defend Trump or support violent, leftist, anti-free-speech tactics. They were, effectively, trumped.

Anti-Trump forces rejoiced a little too quickly after protesters successfully shut down Trump’s Friday rally in Chicago with threats of violence.

Organized leftist agitators seeking to stop Trump’s momentum are disrupting his events in an effort to stop him from speaking to his tens of thousands of fans who gather at every speech.

The only accomplishment of these protests was more coverage of The Donald and his rallies.

The news networks went virtually wall-to-wall with Trump coverage on Saturday and for much of Sunday. This coverage essentially shut out Trump’s opposition of another weekend news cycle as they struggled unsuccessfully to gain any earned media ahead of the Super Tuesday II races.

When Trump’s opponents did get time in the media, they were asked about Trump’s rallies.

Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and John Kasich had to choose a side: either Trump, or the leftist agitators.

They made the wrong choice.