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Trump’s Deal with Cruz

Phyllis Schlafly has been watching the GOP establishment pick our presidential candidates since before she wrote about it in her book, “A Choice not an Echo,” in 1964. She will tell you, the only president elected in her lifetime without the blessing of the establishment was Ronald Reagan.

Reagan’s ability to communicate with and inspire the American people was the only force more powerful than the money and apparatus of the establishment machine.

Jeb Bush was obviously the pick of the establishment. The money was there, and Bush was definitely spending it, but the GOP primary voter has not been swayed by the hundreds of millions of dollars being thrown at them.

After South Carolina, this is a very different race.

Bush is out, and Rubio is the clear heir of the establishment crown that Jeb relinquished when he suspended his campaign.

The D.C. cartel will do anything to preserve the status quo. The thought of a true outsider winning the Republican nomination is bone chilling to the establishment. Its political life depends on taxpayer money flowing through D.C. and into its pockets and the pockets of its cronies. At this point, the establishment’s only hope is Marco Rubio.