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Taking Heat for Defending Trump

I have not endorsed in the presidential race, but I take heat almost every day for going on national TV and defending Trump’s candidacy.

I understand trepidation regarding Donald Trump, but even my husband, who has endorsed another candidate, has sage advice for those newer to politics who fear the temperament of Donald Trump.

One of the biggest reservations GOP primary voters have about Donald Trump is doubt whether he believes what he says, or whether he is just a great salesman telling them what they want to hear while planning to deliver something totally different.

A theme among his detractors is that Trump will win the election, then become a big-government-loving leftist. I am not sure how they can tell someone’s personal motivations, but some claim with certainty to know that Trump is being deceitful.

So, the question is: How do you get Trump or any politician to do what you want them to do after they are elected?

My husband is a former Missouri state senator, and he knows what it takes to get an elected official to do as the voters wish. When he speaks at events, he asks the question:

How do you get your elected officials to do what you want them to do once they are elected?

He gets some great responses from the crowd.

  • Bribe them.

  • Blackmail them.

  • Threaten them.

  • Work on their campaign.

  • Call their office.

  • Email them.

  • Send postcards and letters.

The crowd never gets it right.

My husband gives the answer: “Elect someone who agrees with you already!” Put another way, if you really want politicians to do what you want, you support candidates whose interests are the same as yours…

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