Exclusive: Gina Loudon urges Americans, ‘Stop the madness. Save our country’

This administration has done many frightening things, but the Obama administration has taken perhaps the most terrifying Orwellian action to date: It has decided to get in your head.

The Obama administration has decided that it not only knows what is good for you, but it wants to manipulate you, psychologically, to do what it deems “good.”

The government wants low-income students to go to college, for example. That sounds fine on its face. The problem is, many of those accepted and financed by taxpayers to go to college never actually bother to fill out the necessary paperwork to enroll.

Rather than address government-imposed institutionalization and indoctrination, which some college-aged students choose not to embrace today – or the fact that the “everybody gets a trophy” mentality has diminished personal responsibility and led to kids so lazy they won’t even fill out some papers for a free education paid for by others – the government wants to manipulate students.

Its answer is to text the would-be students and push them to finish their paperwork at “key times” as determined by a new “behavioral sciences team.” Its “success” data claims 6 percent more students ultimately enroll when “nudged” psychologically by the government to do so. But how many of those students actually graduate, and what real impact does it have on their lives and our country? No one answered those questions before claiming psychological intervention on an unwitting population is the answer.

Other goals of Obama’s new team? “Nudging” people to sign up for Obamacare.

As a member of the mental health community, I have warned of the dangers of turning to a field that has very few answers…