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Exclusive: Gina Loudon reveals why young generations are mentally weaker than ever


I was scheduled to do commentary this week as a psychology expert on a major network. The topic was shaming, and per custom, they asked me for commentary.

I guess I was supposed to say that Selena Gomez being called “fat” when she showed up in a tiny bikini was a horrible, unspeakable thing and that there should be new laws and regulations that should make such speech illegal. Instead, I pointed to the mental fragility that both the victim mentality and the entire diversity movement have created. And I provided proof.

I was canceled.

Shaming, which is essentially a new word for bullying, is epidemic. And it is true that millennials are more affected than ever. This week a new study found that millennials are mentally weaker than ever. The statist media took to the airwaves to blame shaming and inequality. They are wrong. Here’s why.

Shaming shouldn’t be so easy, but we have fostered a victimhood mentality by coddling children and precluding consequences. That has created both the “shamers” and the “shamed.”

The shamers, craving self-esteem that they don’t have based on their own accomplishments, seek instead to destroy or injure someone else to feel a sense of personal power.

The shamed, who see themselves as victims (of sexism, ageism, racism, circumstances, poverty, divorce, homophobia, the list goes on …) anyway, confirm their fears when even one person says something cruel, since their own sense of personal power is already low. When everyone gets a trophy for doing essentially nothing, then everyone expects a trophy for doing essentially nothing.
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