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Exclusive: Gina Loudon declares, ‘This is inhumane and ominous’

Californians have a new expensive hobby: performing experimental surgeries on prison inmates and sending the bill to the taxpayers.

The new policy in effect in California says prison mental health professionals may refer inmates for sex-change surgery if the prisoner meets certain criteria.

Prisoners must be diagnosed with gender dysphoria (confusion) and have lived as the opposite gender for at least 12 months to qualify.

The bottom line is that this is an expensive attempt on the part of California politicians to win the “Most Politically Correct Award” at mass taxpayer expense, and more importantly, at the expense of lives of those transgendered. Johns Hopkins University ended its research on the topic of transgender reassignment because it learned it led to suicide and numerous other complications, but California politicians are science deniers here. They think they somehow know something that the leading scientists in the field don’t know.

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This is tantamount to the Tuskegee trials, where they did heinous experiments on prisoners. This isn’t about compassion. This is a Mengelean (Josef Mengele style) macabre fascination with being some sort of science denying superhero in the competition of political correctness, exacted on the weakest minded in our society.

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