Exclusive: Gina Loudon sounds off on legalization of assisted suicide

Gov. Brown and his Democratic Party majority in the California state Legislature have benevolently given people the “right to die.” Assisted suicide is now legal in California, but we have to ask ourselves: What is the government’s incentive to help people die?

Governments do not grant rights. Rights are inherent. But, if the government says it is granting you a right, it can also use that power to take that right away, or force it upon you when it becomes beneficial to society as judged by politicians.

The government does not need give anyone permission to commit suicide. And that leads to the question: What motivates a government to give you permission to end your life and assist you in the process?

I believe we will see a day in our lifetimes when the right to kill ourselves will be forced upon us. With assisted suicide and socialized medicine, the right to die becomes a standard for the state forcing death on the infirmed and vulnerable.

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Terri Schiavo’s family knows what it is like for the government to give someone “permission” to die.

Father Frank Pavone was close to the Terri Schiavo situation and has been fighting assisted-suicide laws across the country. He joined me on my show, “America Trends with Dr. Gina,” to give his unique perspective and convincing arguments against assisted suicide:

My adopted son, Samuel, who has Down Syndrome, could have been judged to have been in pain and suffering after his birth. He was born with 10 congenital issues, and the doctors told me we were adopting him just to be his parents listed on his death certificate.
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