Top 6 reasons GOP wins in government shutdown

Exclusive: Gina Loudon reveals how Republicans benefit from federal closure
As voters watch another potential government shutdown, they expect Republicans to fold. Even though voters sent them to Washington in a historic landslide, they still didn’t get the message.

The government shut down five times under Jimmy Carter’s administration. Democrats had control of both houses of Congress, and they apparently were afraid of a shutdown. The government has been shut down 18 times since 1976. Why is it the Republicans never bring this up?

Sadly, too many Washington politicians subsist so deep inside the Washington bubble that they don’t hear the rumble of the conservatives marching for their heads. Boehner was just the head of the octopus. Americans don’t understand why politicians are so afraid to shut down the government, and why any politician would support the funding of Planned Parenthood. If there were ever an issue to warrant a shutdown, it is Planned Parenthood selling baby body parts for profit.

Hopefully this list of reasons to shut down the government will find its way into the Washington bubble and into the hands of out-of-touch politicians who think a government shutdown is the end of the world.

Here are six reasons Republicans only win if they shut down the government to defund Planned Parenthood:

1) The government has been shut down 18 times since 1976. Everyone who had a government check coming was still paid, and the world did not end.

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