Gina Loudon reveals 1 key factor linking protesters, conservatives

This week, I was invited to appear on Dr. Drew’s show on HLN to discuss the Republican debates. That is what we did, for the first two segments. Then a woman from Black Lives Matter stood in the audience and would not be silenced. She was the first guest ever removed from the audience by security, Dr. Drew told me.

The mood was shifted. The audience was irate. They wanted to know why the Black Lives Matter movement wasn’t mentioned in the GOP debate. I was confounded that they could not understand that conservatism, at its base, is about getting government out of the lives of people, and re-establishing the family. To me, that would solve the problems the Black Lives Matter folks say matter to them most.

Further, I believe the evidence is there in that Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Ben Carson all prove that minority Americans can find a big welcome in conservative circles. When I made that assertion, I was told it was “offensive” for me to speak to that issue.

Why are we told conservatives are racist? ‎Where did that lie even start?

It almost seems laughable (if it weren’t such an egregious charge) to a conservative that they would be considered racist. But consider for a moment how important it is to the political powers that be that racial division remains. They campaign on it, they profit from it, and they maintain their power base upon those who will be used in this manner.

Certainly, there are members of the Black Lives Matter group who just want to hurt cops. That is sinister and evil. That is not a protest. No one who is sane wants to kill someone simply for the job he or she does. While tribalism and mob mentality undoubtedly play a role in the movement, many of the Black Lives Matter protesters say they want the same things tea-party protesters wanted back when they were holding rallies across the nation – for the government to leave them alone.

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